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What is a Survey?

A survey is a property health check carried out on behalf of any individual considering the purchase of a property. The inspection will result in a detailed report providing information about the condition of the property and any areas of concern.

RICS Home Survey
Level 2

..is the most common level of survey and is carried out to assess the overall condition of the property and to make sure you are not going to be walking into any headaches upon completion. Designed for conventional residential properties and those no older than 100 years.

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RICS Building Survey
Level 3

..is the most in-depth inspection that is offered by the RICS, going into detail regarding the structural integrity and construction materials of the property. It is recommended for older properties or properties that have been significantly altered.

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Which Survey is right for me?

Table 1

Valuation Home Building
By a RICS Surveyor Yes Yes Yes
Type of inspection Basic Standard Detailed
Market valuation Yes Optional
Property sales comparables Yes Yes
Old property or in poor condition Yes Yes
Extensions or alterations Yes Yes
Non-standard construction Yes Yes
Condition ratings Yes Yes
Visible issues and defects reported Yes Yes
Problems requiring urgent attention Yes Yes
Areas requiring further investigation Yes Yes
Maintenance advice Yes Yes
Photos of defects Yes Yes
Future impact of repairs and materials Yes
Potential problems due to hidden defects Yes
Repair options and timeline Yes
Estimated cost of repairs Optional
Pricing From £695 From £895 From £995

Table 2

Home Building
For those purchasing properties of standard construction Yes Yes
For those purchasing properties in excess of 150 years Yes
For those purchasing properties that have been subject to significant alteration Yes
Traffic light scale system that gives a clear indication of the property’s condition Yes Yes
Provides clear advice on areas that require urgent attention Yes Yes
Provides advice for your Solicitors Yes Yes
Provides advice on repairs required and on-going maintenance Yes Yes
Offers a key risks report Yes  Yes
Provides advice on issues that affect the property value Yes  Yes
Detailed and in-depth inspection of the construction materials and how they will weather in the future  Yes
Comprehensive report commenting on the structural integrity of the property  Yes
Describes the identifiable risk of potentially hidden defects  Yes
Bespoke report tailored to each individual property  Yes

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