The Teacher

Ian started Davidson Aquila, a property company, in 2000 and since then has developed his own private property portfolio, still representing some high-level, and some famous, property owners in London. Davidson Aquila is a private practice specialising in property matters with surveyors, engineers and architects all involved.

A quick look at the Davidson Aquila web site will show you the diversity of this business and the UKPA is an exciting new course where Ian along with other leading professionals will pass on how they made their mark and lives in the UK property market in London and how to be aware of the ups and downs that owning property can bring.

The course gives a totally unique opportunity not available from any other current course to learn many important aspects in the UK Property World; facts and features within the industry. Lectures will cover for example leasehold and freehold properties and what they are, commercial properties and residential properties and how they vary, basic valuation techniques – an understanding of how a property is valued, and how and what the purpose of valuation is.

The lectures then move along involving other experts in this field such as Estate Agents and Solicitors. We explain, why do Estate Agents exist, what do they do for you and can you do any of this work yourself? The course covers current new property legislation in force and for example,  a quick guide from how to sell a property through each stage to the sale or completion.

It asks the question – is property an asset and can it be a liability?

It offers ideas on how to manage property for you, a company, or for a parent. In these days often parents leave property to their children and the UKPA course will give a unique introduction on how you can run your new acquired business. The course will give you the hands-on experience of the lectures and how they do it or how they think you should do it for yourself.

If times are hard for you, this course may give you enough knowledge to set up your own business or move into an established business. The UKPA has close links with leading London estate agents and students will be offered, where possible, introductions to some of London’s foremost leading estate agents.

The knowledge you gain from this course will put you ahead, in our opinion, than most trainee estate agents or people in Management companies – as the education we give is widespread and covers many areas of expertise that they simply do not cover or are qualified to know about.

The UKPA will give you a head start.