Property Services

At Davidson Aquila we welcome any general advice to improve our services, please feel free to write to us at with any positive or negative feedback. A sample of quality Estate Agents, Solicitors and Financial Advisors that Davidson Aquila work with throughout Greater London are listed below:



Commercial Lease Renewal, Rent Reviews, Dilapidation Surveys.

If you have a Notice served requesting an increase in rent then get professional advice from a competent surveyor. Davidson Aquila can represent either Landlord or tenant and as such help provide the market data to help you negotiate and pay the fair Rack Rent for your premises. Davidson Aquila is experienced also in dealing with Expert or Arbitration matters. Call us for general advice.


Surveys to include Mortgage, Non intrusive structural surveys, and intrusive structural surveys carried out by competent Building and or Structural Building Engineers.

Fully qualified surveyors to convey the condition of the property to you.

Our reports are comprehensive, but also easy to understand and our Surveyors, Valuers and Engineers are always pleased to speak regarding the survey before or after you have it. Our surveys normally provide independent valuation advice too, where appropriate, our opinion on the likely costs of repairs and improvements and thereafter our opinion, if appropriate, of the property value once you have carried out such recommended repairs and improvements. Davidson Aquila provides a qualified opinion to assist you with your purchase or sale – an independent professional service we think is so valuable!

Before you book in your report please feel free to have a general chat with one of our Surveyors, Engineers or our Property Doctor.


Leasehold Enfranchisement Calculations, Valuations of Leasehold, Intermediate and Freehold Interests. Assistance through to Arbitration/Tribunal if necessary

Commonly known as the Leasehold Reform Act.

If you own a leasehold property either flat or house you may want to extend the length of the lease.  Leases with less than 80 years left in our opinion should be extended as soon as possible. A lease less than 80 years is generally thought of by Estate Agents and mortgage companies as a diminishing interest. This means as the years go by the less value is attributed to the property and indeed if the lease is allowed to expire then the property would essentially revert back to the Freeholder. This means your asset is gone.

Therefore by extending the lease or if possible buying the Freehold Interest, commonly known as Collective Enfranchisement, either solely or with your neighbours this will in effect protect your interest and your asset or in most cases, all things being equal, will increase the value of your home. Davidson Aquila can help.

We at Davidson Aquila have experienced surveyors competent in the rules and guidelines as set out in the Leasehold Reform Act and we are able to provide the Valuation techniques and general advice to help you.

Davidson Aquila represent in Greater London both Freeholders and Leaseholders. The Leasehold Reform Act provides that reasonable legal and valuation fees should be paid by the Leaseholder on behalf of the Freeholder and as such it is recommended that you obtain advice before you proceed too far and that you find out as much information as you can before you embark on extending your lease thus protecting your asset and interest. Davidson Aquila can recommend solicitors in this field if necessary.


Construction Supervision, Building Regulation and Planning Permission Requirements

If you want to build or simply extend your property Davidson Aquila offer a full professional appraisal of your proposals carried out by a competent experienced surveyor or builder. Our specialised team at Davidson Aquila (Construction) Ltd. are here to help you with your ideas, concepts, and designs through to completion.


Expert witness work for Professionals and Solicitors

Having a neighbour problem or a problem with your home, shop or restaurant? Need somebody to put your case on your behalf in a professional way? Then call us for a free initial consultation with no obligations.


Party Wall Representation – Award Notifications

When somebody wants to develop generally up to 3 metres from your boundary or property a ‘Party Wall notice’ should be served in line with the Law of England – this is commonly known as the Party Wall Act. Part of the process is to prepare an Award and in general terms the Developer should provide a Draft Award to the adjoining Owner, whether Freeholder of leaseholders for them to consider. This would include a Schedule of Condition of your home before and after the work has been carried out.

Such awards are to be sent by the Developer to the neighbours who share a Party Wall or Boundary Wall, even in gardens – as such the Developer has to pay reasonable surveyors costs in line with the provisions of the Party Wall Act. If you feel an Award needs to be made then we recommend you waste no time and call us or e mail us for initial advice. Under the provisions of the Party Wall Act you can appoint your own independent surveyor and as such you protect your home and your legal rights.

Your property is your home, your security and your asset – look after it!


Plan Drawings and Re-Design Work to Planning & Building Regulation Standard.

If you require scaled plans or drawings of your property or garden then we offer in-house plan provision services prepared by our experienced professional surveyors.


Property Development to include New Build, Renovation and Redevelopment.

Davidson Aquila can help you find the property of your dreams. We can help you buy it and then design it and develop it with you if necessary. You may, for example, own a property which is obsolete, or you simply can’t sell or rent in the open market? Davidson Aquila will offer a free consultation (subject to availability – please ask for details).

See examples on our web site of properties we have helped clients find, re-design and develop. Our involvement goes from basic ideas and concepts on plans to developing and constructing beautiful end properties that our clients have lived in or sold.


Don’t forget our in-house Chartered Town Planner, Ian McHugh.


Repair Work & Maintenance Quotations

Leaking roof or problems with your gas boiler? Davidson Aquila can offer maintenance provision – we operate throughout Greater London with a team of builders, electricians and plumbers to offer you assistance should the need arise.


Valuations to include Open Market, Matrimonial, Probate, Re-Instatement & Mortgage Valuations

A personal and professional approach to valuation provision to either Private Clients or Institutions. No job is too small or too big. Simply call for a free quotation for the purpose you require.