Davidson Aquila (Construction) Ltd’s founder and Managing Director is Ian Davidson.

Fred Davidson has been a developer in his own capacity for many years and after joining the team in 2009 and added immense specialised skills in all parts of the business.

The work we undertake varies in value from a few thousand pounds to multi-million pound projects. We pride ourselves on being able to adjust to all our customers’ needs.

The service we provide covers all trades within the building industry including joinery, brickwork, plastering, groundwork’s, plumbing, electrical and finishes such as flooring and decorating.  In the majority of cases we directly employ the trades that are required.  We however recognise the need to use specialist contractors for certain elements of the work and have built up a portfolio of highly qualified traders over the years.  As our business is situated in London and the Midlands, we pride ourselves on using local tradesman and contractors from the areas.  We will cover other geographical areas if necessary.

Ian and Fred Davidson are brothers both originally born in Derby, but since 2000 Ian set up Davidson Aquila – a successful private practise of Chartered Surveyors, Engineers and Architects, operating from Oxford Street London. Ian has successfully developed a property portfolio in London and represent private and Institutional Property owners throughout Greater London.

In short, Davidson Aquila (Construction) Ltd are able to help conceive and design project ideas due to their highly qualified team.