UKPA Overview

The United Kingdom Property Academy (UKPA) is an independent Property Academy where a bespoke careers focusing 2 day course is available that covers the professions and trades within the property & construction industry.

So if you are considering being a Brick Layer, Joiner or a Civil Building Engineer or maybe a Chartered Surveyor – this is the course for you!

The idea is to focus you on the careers available to you, so that you can move into that choice of career. Once you decide what career you want to follow the UKPA will help you and guide you to progress this career with other supporting training and educational courses that suit this chosen career.

The UKPA is the first & only one stop careers focusing course for the Property & Construction industries

You can attend the UKPA career focusing course as many times as you like until you decide what you want to do. The cost is £99.50 inclusive per course.


1.1.         The Professions Overview

We review our selected professions, and the course content, on a regular basis in order to provide our students with the best possible chance of starting on a new career in property & or construction.

The UKPA Team are all experienced professionals, surveyors, engineers, architects, town planners, teachers & tradesmen and women. We are a friendly team here to help you get started and into a career of your own choice.


1.2.         The Course overview – already have some experience?

For those wanting an education “top-up”, or maybe be retrained with previous experience in construction, you will find our course delivers a wealth of up-to-date knowledge which will compliment your existing skill set and provide you with the tools and mindset to move into your chosen career.


1.3.         The Trades Overview

The Trades play an essential role in construction. Whether you choose to be a brick layer, an electrician or a decorator. The trades are often referred to as both the ‘back-bone’ and the ‘front line’ of construction. It is important that you decide what you want to do, & once you decide what it is you want to do that you are trained well, as the skills you learn will help you prepare for your future job & career.